About Depleted Uranium (DU) by Dr Doug Rokke, the US Army’s Expert

(MP3 recorded April 2003)

This is an audio file I recorded of Dr Doug Rokke, who I met at the event sponsored by the Women’s Solidarity Movement held at the Spangenberg Theatre, Gunn High School, Los Altos, California.

When I shook Doug’s hand at his lecture, it felt like dried wood splinters. His eyes, teeth and skin were yellow-tinted. He told me his urine had high levels of uranium in it. And his hair was a wig. He the US Army’s expert on depleted uranium (DU). I’ve replayed this recording of him countless times for its impact, which is devastating if one allows its full message to congeal for a moment. The reality Doug imparted on us through his lessons is stark and frightening. For the hardened soldier and mercenaries it does the opposite.

I recently learned that he passed on Friday, Jan. 15, 2021. I miss him because he’d been my DU mentor for years. He introduced me to a Manhattan Project scientist named Marion Fulk, who I sat with for hours while he filled my head with knowledge and confirmed many of my ideas. I’d ask the two of them, “Can I write this. . ?” Or, “Does this happen?. . ” about certain radiological events.

Because Doug openly explained the truth about DU, the US government haunted him to the day he died. He was tireless in his effort to stop DU, speaking to anyone and everyone who would listen. That included me. I used to call him at his home and talk to him for an hour or more at a time.

** Transcript: www.dropbox.com/s/zboiqd1f9pg9lej…e21apr03.mp3?dl=0
** Bio by Doug: www.thepowerhour.com/news3/doug_rokke_bio.htm
** Well-meaning but limited obituary: www.news-gazette.com/obituaries/dr-…76844260a.html

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