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I’ve been involved in environmental toxicants since about 1993, first with plastics and pesticides. Other topics include GMOs, nuclear power generation, depleted uranium (DU) and more.

I was a health advisor to the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. As a member of the Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Committee I promoted education about the harm of GMOs through sponsoring speakers who were prominent opponents such as Percy Schmeiser (Canada) and Devinder Sharma (India). And I was a member of the Berkeley Plastics Task Force, as its health advisor. Their 1996 Report essentially stated that plastics are not actually being recycled and that it wasn’t economically viable.

As a board member of the Hoosier Environmental Council in Indiana, I encouraged a broadening of the focus of their basic agenda and vastly increased exposure on their website.

I was also a board member of a Berkeley, CA nonprofit named Thimmakka after an Indian environmentalist, Saalumarada Thimmakka. Its main mission in Berkeley and through the East Bay was a project called The Greening of the South Asian Restaurants. I gained a new understanding of South Asian culture and maintain close ties with them. One who I especially love is now living in Mumbai and her business is Queer Ink. . . Changing the popular narrative of LGBTHQIA+ India.

I’m especially proud to have spent many hundreds of hours working with Melvin Dickson at his Commemoration Committee for the Black Panther Party in Berkeley, CA.  I edited their newspaper, did computer work, did photography and audio recordings of events. Melvin gave me knowledge of black history in America, The Black Panther Party, as well as socialism. He had been a cook at the Panthers’ Oakland School.

Melvin Dickson (1940-2018) and Paul Goettlich in 2008

I was also an active member of the St Joseph County Greens in South Bend IN. There I met many great environmentalists like Tom Brown who taught me the basics of web design. Together we created and ran their website. Tom taught me a lot about Buddhism and also ran the South Bend Meditation Group in South Bend, IN.

My comments have been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Berkeley Daily Planet, South Bend Tribune and others. A couple articles on plastic in Living Nutrition magazine. A chapter in Fundamentals of Naturopathic Endocrinology. An article in Socialist Action.

And I’ve spent many tens of thousand of hours researching at the UC Berkeley biology library and communicating directly with the best academic scientists.

While I’ve been somewhat silent for over ten years, I’m back.

During my sabbatical, I worked as an intern pastry chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, a Miette Bakery in San Francisco and a Thai restaurant called Vanni’s. I took up baking when I remembered my mother’s and grandmother’s delicious works. It occurred to me that “When the going gets tough, the tough go baking!

I later homesteaded with my family in southern Oregon where we raised goats, sheep, chickens, strawberries, blueberries a wide variety of greens. We sold our organic greens and eggs at a local farmers’ market.

In my early life, I studied architecture and worked as an architect for many years prior to digging into environmental work. The largest building I had experience with was the World Trade Center in Manhattan. My structural steel professor in school was working at designing its structure while teaching us. The smallest building was a chicken coop at our homestead. But I’ve designed and overseen the construction of a wide range of buildings including industrial, commercial, HUD housing, a courthouse, universities and grammar schools, even back porches.

I once crewed on a Greek oil tanker out of St Johns, Newfoundland. . . drove a taxi cab in Manhattan and worked in an art supply store. . . been a lifeguard and bagged groceries at a supermarket. . . was a professional house painter in CT and MA. . . and a short order cook in VT. I prefer hitchhiking to driving.

Lastly, I had a very popular website called mindfully(dot)org more than a decade ago. I gave it up when I began homesteading. I’ll add some of those old files here in the future.

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