All Plastics Cause Climate Change

Paul Goettlich 3 Sep 2021 Without an unprecedented reversal of our blasé use of fossil fuels, humans have literally everything to lose with Climate Change. “Megafires” are increasing in frequency in the US. Last year, wildfires burned a record 10 million acres in the west — more than 15,000 square miles! And this year promisesContinue reading “All Plastics Cause Climate Change”

A Drive from South Bend to Indy

Paul Goettlich 14 Dec 1997 A drive from South Bend to IndyJanis Joplin singin’ on the radioIt hits me and I write.Three hours are gone in a flashNow it’s your turn to see what grabbed me Your fields are all strip malls and meadows dug deep for gravelWaste covered mounds bumpin’ at the sootThe treesContinue reading “A Drive from South Bend to Indy”

Buddhism Offers Freedom From Cycles of Rebirth, Desire

By MARTIN DeAGOSTINO / South Bend Tribune Friday 25 Sept 1998 SOUTH BEND – Ontology, cosmology, theology. These are the great concerns of most of the world’s religions, whether monotheistic or polytheistic. But not of classical Buddhism, which posits no theories of being (ontology), of universal origins (cosmology) or of the nature and actions ofContinue reading “Buddhism Offers Freedom From Cycles of Rebirth, Desire”

PVC: A Health Hazard From Production through Disposal

Paul Goettlich 25oct01 While it’s important to note that PVC is the worst plastic known on earth, it’s equally important to understand that there is no “good” (benign) plastic. In other words, all plastics are bad. History In 1912, German chemist Fritz Klatte at Greisheim Electron unknowingly made the first PVC in an attempt to createContinue reading “PVC: A Health Hazard From Production through Disposal”

The Truth About Recycling Plastics

by Paul Goettlich 15 Jan 2021 We’re told that a world without plastics is impossible to imagine. But 70 years ago, I lived with almost none of it. Modern humans lived without it for almost 200-thousand years. Now it’s plainly an existential threat to all life on Earth. And it’s literally everywhere. It’s impossible toContinue reading “The Truth About Recycling Plastics”

Is Biodegradable Plastic an Oxymoron Just Like Recyclable Plastic?

Paul Goettlich 5 Dec 2004     The concept that something with the properties required for plastic containers can be composted into its original components — as found in nature — is a stretch at best. Engineers and scientists may come up with any number of standards that attempt to define nature. All are reductionist inContinue reading “Is Biodegradable Plastic an Oxymoron Just Like Recyclable Plastic?”

What Makes Percy Schmeiser So Persistent?

Interview by Paul Goettlich 27 May 2004 I learned this morning (15 Oct 2020) that Percy passed away in his sleep peacefully. See CBC article by Heidi Atter 14 Oct 2020. He was an amazing person in terms of honesty, energy and love that he gave freely, as you will read below in this phoneContinue reading “What Makes Percy Schmeiser So Persistent?”