Buddhism Offers Freedom From Cycles of Rebirth, Desire

By MARTIN DeAGOSTINO / South Bend Tribune Friday 25 Sept 1998 SOUTH BEND – Ontology, cosmology, theology. These are the great concerns of most of the world’s religions, whether monotheistic or polytheistic. But not of classical Buddhism, which posits no theories of being (ontology), of universal origins (cosmology) or of the nature and actions ofContinue reading “Buddhism Offers Freedom From Cycles of Rebirth, Desire”

My Car Washed Itself

By Paul Goettlich updated 18 June 2022 I slept so well last night that my car washed itself. In my dream it was shiny and clean and happy. So happy it purred. Then I reminded that I don’t have a car. However, the dream continued and I drove that car to a seemingly perfect littleContinue reading “My Car Washed Itself”

PVC: A Health Hazard From Production through Disposal

Paul Goettlich 25oct01 While it’s important to note that PVC is the worst plastic known on earth, it’s equally important to understand that there is no “good” (benign) plastic. In other words, all plastics are bad. History In 1912, German chemist Fritz Klatte at Greisheim Electron unknowingly made the first PVC in an attempt to createContinue reading “PVC: A Health Hazard From Production through Disposal”

Blossoms on my own organic apple tree

Why Eat Organic Food?

by Paul Goettlich 24apr01 rev. 31 Oct 2020 Conduits of Life Whether one’s belief is that life was created by the “big bang,” Buddha, God, or the Raven, our origin is directly connected to the earth below our feet. There can be no denying or mistaking that we are directly reliant upon the earth. WithoutContinue reading “Why Eat Organic Food?”

Is Biodegradable Plastic an Oxymoron Just Like Recyclable Plastic?

Paul Goettlich 5 Dec 2004     The concept that something with the properties required for plastic containers can be composted into its original components — as found in nature — is a stretch at best. Engineers and scientists may come up with any number of standards that attempt to define nature. All are reductionist inContinue reading “Is Biodegradable Plastic an Oxymoron Just Like Recyclable Plastic?”


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