Jane Dustin of Huntertown, Indiana was one of my environmental mentors. She and her husband Tom were fearless defenders of forests in Indiana. They also understood the threat to tress by herbicides and pesticides.
Boomer the buck was my buddy
Our bees pollinated the apples
Our goats always wanted to be near us and “help” in any way that could earn them a treat, like apples which I kept in my pockets
We grew an abundance of strawberries to make smoothies, jam, ice cream, pies and to just eat randomly as we passed through the garden
Occasional family get-togethers
Amaryllis belladonna planted by the previous owner as a crop… that didn’t pan out. They were impossible to remove as the corms would break off and start all over again.
We planted wild flowers near the house from other areas on the property
The view changed rapidly
We tended to the bees needs
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